Plasthane manufactures very high quality conveyor rollers and conveyor components products for conveyor industry like guide rolls, many type of belt cleaners, skirting systems, impact beds and return roll guards.

Our products are installed on different conveyors types like the ones we found in the mining industry, quarries, commercial ports, recycling and many bulk handling facilities.

Our products, like the guide rolls and the belt cleaners, will give you a superior and long lasting solution at a very competitive price in comparison with the competition. Feel free to contact us for a fast and free quotation.


conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-primaryPrimary Belt Cleaner

Heavy duty primary cleaner for belt conveyor  featuring our high abrasion resistance urethane blade, giving excellent results without damaging the belt. Simple,efficient and easy to install.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-primary-mine-dutyMine Duty Primary Belt Cleaner

Mine duty primary belt cleaner for belt conveyor, complete with extra heavy duty high abrasion resistant urethane blade, for real tough applications without damaging the belt.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-vV-Plow for Belt Conveyor

Plasthane urethane “V-Plow” gives an efficient and long lasting cleaning of the return side of conveyor belt.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-straightSecondary Belt Cleaner

Secondary belt cleaner for standard or reversible belt conveyor made of flexible urethane containing stainless steel inserts for an excellent cleaning.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-curvedCurved Secondary Belt Cleaner

Curved secondary belt cleaner used underneath the conveyor. With it’s curved urethane blade
and it’s pivoting support system, it will fit on a straight of cupped belt.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-finger-typeChevron Belt Cleaner – Finger Type

Flexible urethane finger type scraper for an extensive cleaning of standard or rib top belts.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-impact-bedConveyor Impact Bed

New concept of impact bed featuring a fully adjustable sturdy frame to fit different idlers angles providing a perfect fit for all type of belt conveyors.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-skirting-systemConveyor Skirting System

New concept of conveyor skirting system using special molded urethane skirting for a perfect seal between hopper and belt. It can be used for fines or heavy material.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-return-roll-guardConveyor Return Roll Guard

Heavy duty pinch point guard for belt conveyor as required by authorities using urethane edge to avoid belt damage. Available for all belt widths. A basket can be provided as an option.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-guide-rollsConveyor Guide Rollers

Heavy duty urethane guide rollers for belt conveyor. They are used to keep the belt in line with the conveyor while running without damaging the edge of the belt.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-sidewall-stub-idlerSidewall Belt Stub Idlers

Heavy duty return rolls for sidewall  belt conveyor. Made of duro 90 urethane to avoid damage to the belt while being strong enough to avoid shaft bending.

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conveyor-scrapper-grattoir-convoyeur-guiding-wheelsConveyor Belt Guiding Wheels

Belt guiding wheels for beltwall type conveyors.

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