custom-conveyor-components-01Plasthane can customise urethane products as per your needs. Our premium quality urethane will give you long lasting products with an exceptional resistance to abrasion. Urethane, with it’s multiple formulations, is perfect to manufacture all kinds of parts of different shape, hardness and color.

Among other products, we have manufactured:

  • Urethane covered rolls
  • Many type of bumpers
  • Liners for classifiers, mixers and screens
  • Food grade belt cleaner
  • Urethane parts with ceramic and stainless steel inserts

If you look for a special urethane formulation, we will be pleased to guide you through available urethane resins. Urethane is premium choice of material if you look for a durable, abrasion resistant, flexible and non marking product for more fragile surfaces.